AVT Sealing Solutions On-Site Product Training

Our training modules are typically PowerPoint-based presentations designed to be given on-site and to last about an hour. The seal training is not typically all presented in one session. We do not charge for this training.

Mechanical seals

  • Seal Components and materials (spring types, face materials, o-rings, etc.)
  • Compare Seal to Seal Drawings
  • Seal Face Flatness
  • Fluid Film, heat generation, influences on the seal
  • Why do mechanical seals fail?
  • Equipment Checks
  • Cartridge Seal Installation
  • Standard and Large bore seal chamber considerations
  • Hydraulically balanced seals
  • Double Seals and Barrier pressure – Controlling the fluid film
  • API Plans (seal support – flush, quench, vessels, etc.)
  • Mechanical seal drive (and anti-rotation)
  • Pumping ring efficiency
  • Thermosyphon basics, forced circulation, water systems
  • Increase reliability with an efficient pumping ring
  • Component seal installation
  • Mixer seals and mixer seal support systems
  • How to kill a mechanical seal – common causes of seal failure

Bearing Protection

  • Oil Cleanliness
  • Moisture and particles in oil
  • Oxidation
  • Maintain the porper oil level
  • Lubrication management overview
  • Bearing protection devices

Pump Basics/Seal Reliability

  • Alignment
  • BEP and the pump curve
  • Shaft deflection
  • NPSHr and NPSHa – cavitation – some remedies
  • Other conditions often confused with cavitation
  • Problem with oversize pumps
  • Piping Considerations
  • Pump Installation rules of thumb

Overhung process pump (ANSI) bearing frame reliability

  • Lubrication
  • Bearing Protection
  • Oiler setting and options


  • Selection criteria: Non-metallic gaskets
  • Gasket terms
  • Flange types
  • Bolt considerations
  • Installation
  • Trouble shooting/Failure analysis
  • Gasket cutting tips
  • Joint sealant
  • Metallic gaskets
  • Heat exchanger gaskets

Compression Packing – Rotating Equipment

  • Information required to specify proper packing
  • Materials and braid types
  • Trapezoidal Packing
  • Gasket spacers and blended material packing sets
  • Lantern rings
  • Packing installation and break in
  • Leakage rates
  • Common Failure modes

Compression Packing – Valves

  • Sealability
  • Temperature capability/Fire safety
  • Chemical and Pressure Compatability
  • Resistance to volume loss
  • Installation procedure
  • Reduced actuation friction
  • Available future adjustment

Expansion Joints

  • What does an Expansion Joint Do?
  • Important dimensions
  • Components and materials of construction
  • Abrasive applications
  • Common types of expansion joints
  • Movement Allowances
  • Installation Guidelines
  • Troubleshooting
  • Inspection


  • Composition of oil
  • Types of oils
  • Functions of lubricants
  • Viscosity
  • Lubricant Selection
  • Bearings
  • Key selection variables
  • What influences oil life?
  • Lubricant storage
  • Grease
  • NLGI Classification system
  • Base oils and Thickeners
  • Selecting the right grease
  • Advanced lubrication technology