Specialty Seals

Cinch Seal – Designed for zero maintenance due to the unique self-adjusting design. These are ideal for screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and similar bulk solid applications.

The 7500 Series consumes 30% less power than packing seals and will not undercut shafts. Fully assembled and possessing a rugged modular design, our 7500 Series will not leak to foul bearings or contaminate processing areas.

The seal uses an FDA approved silicone and can handle temperatures up to 400F degrees. The elastomer is molded slightly smaller than the shaft size so that an interference fit is achieved. It is this tight fit that seals the shaft, which stops material from migrating past, and drives the two rotating faces called “rotor cups”. The rotating rotor cups compressed against the two stationary stator plates is what creates the primary seal that stops product leakage. The seals are also air purged at 5 to7 PSI above any pressure in the vessel to assist in maintaining a positive seal.

Fluidol Super Pump Seal – This innovatively designed cartridge seal blends a time-tested seal type with unique sealing materials to offer outstanding service life, particularly when pumping viscous or sticky liquids. Notably: Coatings, Paints, Inks, Resins and Pigments, Asphalt/Bitumen, Coal Tar, Pitch, Creosote, Glues, Adhesives, Caulk and Sealants, Isocyanate, Polyol, Grease, Lubricants, Lube Oil Additives, Heavy Fuel Oil, Crude Oil, Waste Oil Recycling, Soaps, Fatty Acids and Surfactants, Water/Wastewater Treatment Polymers & Emulsions, Rendering Fats, Vegetable Oil Refining.