Seals for Mixers, Reactors and Agitators

Top entry and side entry mixers in particular tend to have long shafts and minimal (if any) radial support for them. As a result, there is typically a good deal of radial run out at the sealing area.

There are two strategies for dealing with this:

  1. Design the seal with a built-in support bearing tom minimize the run out at the sealing location.
  2. Design the seal to accommodate high run out. AESSEAL® has many options for either strategy.

In addition, AESSEAL® offers a wide variety of single and double seal designs in both component and cartridge type.

There are double seal designs suited for liquid buffer/barrier as well as dry gas contacting and non-contacting face configurations.

AESSEAL® has engineered a new range of mixer seals, the SCMS (short cartridge mixer seal):

  • Very high radial runout capability
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Suitable for top or side entry mixers
  • Available in both double and single seal designs
  • Reduced height – ideal where space is limited
  • Self-adjusting axial movement compensation (double seals)
  • Available with modular bearing assembly
  • Double seal offers monolithic seal faces
  • Optional water cooled mounting flange extends temperature range
  • Engineered solutions available