Seal Repairs

More than 40 years’ experience repairing all major seal brands

AVT Sealing Solutions offers a world-class, best practice seal repair facility in the center of the Tri-State area. As such, we repair all major brands of mechanical seals. Quality and customer service are the highest priority at our facility, which is certified to ISO 9001 quality standard, ISO 14001 environmental standard and the OHSAS 18001 health and safety standard.

With highly trained and experienced engineers and seal technicians, our goal is to provide “better than new” repaired products which not only saves you money through improved seal performance consistency, but also helps protect the environment.

Our centers offer a range of industry leading seal repair services:

  • Emergency Seal Repair Service
  • Condition reporting and seal failure analysis
  • Repair of virtually all mechanical seal variants, including those manufactured by competitors
  • Technical upgrades, re-engineering and improvement on existing designs, including retrofitting new internals
  • Pressure testing to specific requirements, including API 682
  • Replacement soft faces – AVTSSI Policy is to never re-lap Carbon faces
  • Repair or replacement of hard faces in virtually any seal face material
  • Provision of metallic components in 316L stainless steel or exotic alloys such as Alloy 20, Alloy 276, Titanium, Inconel and more
  • Diamond grinding facilities for hard face materials
  • Diamond lapping facilities enable lapping of faces to within 2 helium light bands
  • Precise measurement of wearing parts using coordinate measuring machines and other methods
  • Manufacture of PTFE components: Pure PTFE, glass-filled and carbon-filled.

AVT Sealing Solutions Seal Repair Overview

Our repair procedure dictates:

  • Seals are disassembled and cleaned with our exclusive process.
  • Our experienced seal technicians assess the condition of every component of each seal.
  • Seal faces are rough lapped, finish lapped or polished as required to return face finish to original condition.
  • Assembly of seals is performed by our highly experienced technicians to ensure a perfect result.
  • Pressure testing is performed with purified air. This test is very sensitive and leaves no residue.
  • Test conditions are rigidly controlled and our shop is audited regularly per ISO 9001.
  • Every seal is assigned an individual serial number which is clearly etched, ensuring full traceability.
  • Final inspection following a customer-specific checklist ensures our customers get exactly the labeling and documentation they need.
  • Seals are packaged with our shock-proof system to guarantee our customers get a perfect seal, every time!