Plan 54


Pressurized external barrier fluid circulation from a central pressure source or by a stand alone unit such as the AESSEAL® PumpPac


  • Ensures higher flow rate, better heat dissipation and positive circulation of barrier fluid
  • Properly maintained, the most reliable pressurized plan vs Plan 53 A/B/C
  • High flow rate through heat exchanger increases cooler efficiency

For use:

  • Where no leakage to atmosphere is allowed; hazardous, flammable, toxic fluids
  • For dirty, abrasive or polymerizing fluids where media is unsuitable as a lubricant for the inboard seal faces
  • For high pressure/temperature media and where there is high heat generated between the seal faces
  • Wherever Plan 53 A/B/C circulation is not sufficient to dissipate heat




  • Consider the reliability of the barrier fluid source
  • Comparatively expensive system with proper engineering required
  • Circulating system must be at least 22 psi greater than seal chamber pressure
  • There will always be some leakage of barrier fluid into product – verify compatibility
  • Always check the filter/strainer in the system for possible blockage
  • Loss of pressure in the system can lead to contamination of the barrier fluid
  • Barrier fluid contamination can cause corrosive degradation of equipment