Non-Metallic High Temperature Sheet and Cut Gaskets

High Temperature gasket sheet includes Carbon, Graphite, Graphite and fiber, Graphite and filler, Expanded (exfoliated) Graphite, fiberglass and Ceramic Fiber. Graphite gasket sheet often has a mylar, stainless foil (sometimes perforated or tanged) or stainless mesh inserted. These insets give the gasket better handling and pressure resistance characteristics.


Garlock’s GRAPH-LOCK® flexible graphite gasket material provides a reliable seal as it seals easily under moderate bolt load, offers superior torque retention, retains dimensional stability in high temperatures and seals tightly, even during pressure fluctuations.


Fiberglass and Ceramic fiber materials are typically woven, into rope, tube and tadpole shapes for low pressure very high heat applications such as industrial ovens, or Ceramic fiber can be used as a filler material in semi-metallic gaskets.