Metallic Gaskets – Spiral Wound

Gasket Styles

Style CG

  • Suitable for flat face and raised face flanges

Outer centering ring accurately centers the gasket on the flange face, provides additional radial strength and acts as a compression limiter

Spiral winding (sealing element) consists of pre- formed metal and a conformable filler material


Style CGI

  • Suitable for flat face and raised face flanges

Recommended for higher pressure applications, for use with PTFE fillers and when mandated by ASME B16.20

Inner ring acts as an additional compression limiting stop

Inner ring protects sealing elements from process media attack


Style R

  • Suitable for tongue and groove, male-female or groove to flat face flanges

Spiral winding only, consists of pre-formed metal and soft filler material
Multiple metal windings without filler) at the ID and OD provide improved stability, compression and sealing characteristics


Style RIR

  • Suitable for male and female flanges

Designed to prevent accumulation of solids, reduce turbulent flow of process fluids and minimize corrosion at flange faces

Solid inner ring acts as a compression stop and fills in the annular space between the flange bore and the gasket ID