Metallic Gaskets – Heat Exchanger

The size restrictions for heat exchanger gaskets depend only on the available sizes of the materials. Heat exchanger gaskets are commonly made in diameters up to 120” with rib widths up to 1-1./4” and thicknesses up to ¼”

When ordering specify

  • Style number
  • Shape (give configuration code)
  • Thickness
  • Material (Metal or metal and filler)

Plus specify

  • Outside diameter
  • Inside diameter
  • Rib width
  • Radii on ribs at rib intersect points and around bolt holes
  • Bolt circle diameter
  • Distance from centre line of gasket to centre line of ribs
  • Size and number of bolt holes

(Note: In addition to the information above, drawings of your application are always helpful in proper dimensioning of gaskets)