Metallic and Semi- Metallic Gaskets

Metallic gaskets, as the name implies, are manufactured exclusively from metals. These include: unfaced kammprofile, unfaced corrugated metal and soft (annealed) aluminium, brass, copper, etc.


Semi Metallic gaskets have a metallic component and a non-metallic, conformable sealing element. Spiral wound gaskets are the most common form of this gasket, although there are many more: Double Jacketed, Corrugated with facing material, Kamm profile with facing material and more.


Semi-metallic gaskets are frequently used as Heat exchanger gaskets, available in many common configurations.


Gasket Spotlight – Problem Solvers

  • A Better heat exchanger gasket
  • Corrosion Resistant gaskets for sea water and hydrocarbon service
  • Boiler manway and handhole gaskets
  • Low torque to seal gaskets for glass lined and other fragile flanges
  • A Better heat exchanger gasket