Component (non-cartridge) Mechanical Seals

Component seals are identified as consisting of a rotary component and a stationary component which must be installed in the equipment separately.

This group of mechanical seals includes:

Commonly Used In:

  • Submersible Pumps, such as Flygt® and Tuthill® Pumps
  • FDA/CIP pumps, including pumps like Waukesha®, Alfa Laval® and APV®
  • Gear Pumps such as Viking® and Rotex®
  • Boiler feed pumps, such as Bell and Gossett®
  • Scraped heat exchangers such as Contherm®
  • Water circulating pumps and more!

AESSEAL® approaches single spring mechanical seals differently:

AESSEAL® offers one of the most comprehensive component seal product portfolios available. With approximately 10,000 product lines available from stock, their inventory incorporates seals to cover an extensive range of pump types and applications.

Their component seals offer 100% compatible solutions with OEM parts, ensuring that their seals can be used with your existing inventory. AESSEAL® component seals are designed with modularity at their core, allowing faster service and incorporating design features that reduce the lifetime cost of the product.

How to identify a particular component mechanical seal:

See Single Spring Mechanical Seals section for tips on identifying this type of component seal, and welded metal bellows seals for this type.

Ask us to send one of our sales engineers to your plant (in our service area) to identify the seal. Outside of our service area, send us your used seal and we’ll find the exact match for you.