Lubrication Management

Storage, Handling, & Identification

Oil Storage, handling, and identification are all critical to maintaining a world class lubrication management program. Trico’s spectrum brand is the newest, most cost effective system on the market today leveraging bulk storage systems, pumps, transfer containers, funnels and color-coding systems to make your storage, handling, and ID a snap.




Oil Containers

Oil transfer and storage containers which are safe, ergonomic, and easy to use. The containers have a great number of uses and are color-coded for different lubricants and applications.




Oil Storage Systems

The Spectrum Oil Storage System is designed to easily and effectively identify, transfer, store and dispense lubricants. It is an economical way to save space on a plant floor, while keeping lubricants organized and contaminant free. It also eliminates the potential for mess and mishandling by keeping each fluid clearly identified with Trico’s exclusive color-coded tags and labels.