Synthetic Industrial Lubricants, Oils & Greases

Royal Purple’s line of high performance lubricants, oils and greases is specifically engineered to handle the world’s toughest industrial applications.

Their lubricants are made from select synthetic molecules plus Synerlec® additive technology – their proprietary, performance proven additive system.

Equipment runs smoother, cooler, quieter, longer and more efficiently – with less vibration and wear.

These tests illustrate Royal Purple’s performance compared to leading oils.

Higher film strength

Royal Purples proprietary additive technology reduces wear and extends equipment life by carrying loads up to five times greater than other premium synthetic and mineral oils.

Longer oil life.

Royal Purple is 10 times more oxidation stable than other premium oils in this test. In the U.S Steel ASTM D-2893 lab test, results equated to a 20 year oil change interval in field service. (271 days in test with 0% viscosity increase). Unless oil is contaminated, oxidation is the sole measure of oil life.

Saves energy

Royal Purple lowers friction up to 78.7 % to conserve energy and save money. Energy savings alone can exceed the cost of oil.

Superior water separation

Royal Purple rapidly separates from water which extends bearing life. The water is easily drained from the oil reservoir.­­