Flexitallic Gasket

Flexitallic: Engineered like no other gasket to perform like no other gasket

The Change gasket is an incredibly resilient metal- wound heat exchanger gasket designed to deliver the most dynamic seal ever.

This gasket is manufactured with our proprietary equipment, using a 5x thicker metal spiral and a unique laser welding process that penetrates completely. Because of this it requires no inner or outer ring.

Best of all, it’s proven to perform without fail AT LEAST 60% LONGER than any other heat exchanger gasket: CGI spiral wound. Double jacketed CMG. Kammprofile. And that’s a game changer!

Recovery is a gasket’s ability to “spring back” from a loss of compressive load, directly related to a gasket’s ability to maintain a seal after cycling and relaxation.

The high level of stored energy gives the Change gasket extremely high recovery. In a compression test against other heat exchanger gaskets, the change gasket recovered almost five times better than Kammprofile and DJ gaskets!


The Change Gasket:

Uniquely Manufactured

  • +5X Thickness Change
  • 304-316L & Others *
  • Develops a uniquely solid Gasket

Laser Welded

  • Higher Unit Adhesion
  • Pin Point Accuracy
  • Solid Unit Construction

The Change Gasket is available with a locating ring in all sizes upon request

*304 & 316SS windings are standard with exotic metals available on request