Expansion Joints

What should an Expansion Joint do?

An Expansion Joint in a piping system is a flexible connector typically fabricated from synthetic elastomers, often having fabric and/or metal reinforcement designed to provide stress relief. It is well known in the pump industry that pipe strain is a major cause of unreliable pump uptime.


There is no expansion joint made that can compensate for an improperly supported piping system. However, when flexibility for piping system movement cannot be designed into the system itself, an expansion joint can be a practical solution.


Properly engineered and installed expansion joints can address problems such as:

  • Pipe strain (within the expansion joint’s specific movement capability)
  • Shock and noise from start-up surge (pressure thrust) or water hammer
  • Sympathetic vibration from nearby equipment
  • Equipment or piping system movement
  • Thermal growth of a piping system


Tips for Optimal Service life (and Avoiding Catastrophic Failure):

NO Painting Joints

NO Covering joints with insulation

Proper installation guidelines

Joint properly specified for the application

Regular inspections

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  • Wide Arch Design & General Service Applications

Wide Arch Molded Rubber Expansion Joints for general service applications.


  • Abrupt Arch Design & Full Vacuum Applications

Fully customizable abrupt arched expansion joints for rigid piping systems.


  • Abrasive Applications

Developed for highly abrasive applications, the ABRA-LINE™ family of products is ideal for the power generation, fertilizer, mining and chemical industries.