Cartridge Seals for Pumps

Cartridge Mechanical Seals:

Benefits of cartridge seals over component seals:

  • Greatly simplified installation procedure
  • Increased reliability due to fewer installation errors
  • Consolidated inventory due to a high level of standardization

Single Cartridge Mechanical Seals, as the name implies, have one set of sealing faces (a rotary face and a stationary face). These seals typically have a gland design that is optimized to fit a very broad range of equipment and have environmental control ports drilled and tapped.

Double Cartridge Mechanical Seals have two sets of faces and are designed to provide a liquid or gas layer between the pumped medium and the atmosphere that may or may not be pressurized.

Some of the reasons a double seal may be desirable include:

  • Safety for volatile or otherwise hazardous pumped media
  • Extremely low emissions of process fluid to the atmosphere
  • Maximize seal life by controlling the fluid film between the seal faces
  • Provide a more suitable medium for fluid film when the process fluid will not offer adequate cooling and/or lubrication of the seal faces
  • Allow the seal to survive in media with abrasive of clogging particulate
  • To assist in stabilizing the temperature at the seal faces
  • Both single and double cartridge seals are typically offered in ANSI and ANSI+ (big bore) gland configurations.

Cartridge Seals:

  • Broad Service:
      Monolithic Faces (also for vacuum service):
    • DMSF, SMSS, SMSS23
  • Stationary Design:
  • Slurry:
  • Viscous Fluids (no abrasives):
    • CLIP, SPS (Fluidol)
  • Food Grade:
    • Cartridge Seal Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry
  • Split Seals
    • RDS, ISOS, Cinch Seal
  • Welded Metal Bellows
    • Welded metal bellows designs
  • Mixer, reactor and agitator seals
    • Mixer seal designs
  • Machine Specific:
    • Sulzer Ahlstar (CKSA, CKDA), Richter PCK, SCK (FIDSNMR), Durco GP I & GP II Polychem L-Series (L-Seal), Progressing Cavity Pumps – Available for all designs (PCPS Range)
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical:
    • CAPI-A Single, CAPI-A Dual
  • Gas Seals and Panel:
    • UDGS (Universal seal), GAS-03 (Gas Panel) TURBO (Compressors and Support System), STS (steam turbine)
  • Seal Support Systems (API Plans)
    • Systems

Due of the wide range of cartridge mechanical seal options available and the potential reliability downside of making a less than optimal seal design selection, it is always a good idea to consult with a trained and experienced seal specialist to determine which design features and price point(s) would be ideal for your specific applications.

AVT Sealing Solutions offer an On-Site Pump Survey at no charge, to assist plant engineers and maintenance personnel when investigating sealing options.