Single Spring Mechanical Seals

Single Spring Mechanical Seals are relatively simple in design. The springs can be either parallel or tapered. These seals can be coiled in a right or left hand design to accommodate left and right hand turning pumps.

Available in a variety of types and sizes, these seals are designed to operate under many process conditions. Materials of construction will vary as a result: Metallic components, seal face materials and elastomeric compounds (rubber parts) are determined by the expected operating environment. Seals may be either single or double configuration. If you are uncertain as to the correct materials required for you specific application, contact us!

How to identify a particular single spring mechanical seal:

  • Let AVT Sealing Solutions identify your seal by the part number. If you know the seal manufacturer and part number, we can usually cross this over to an identical AESSEAL® part.
  • Let AVT Sealing Solutions identify your seal by the pump make and model. If you don’t know the seal manufacturer, this is often an easy way to find the proper AESSEAL® component seal.

If none of the above approaches works for your seal, we’ll send one of our sales engineers to your plant (in our service area) to identify the seal. Outside of our service area, send us your used seal and we’ll find the exact match.