Bearing Protection


LabTecta® is a labyrinth design bearing-protector seal with an innovative design improvement, the LabTecta® shut-off valve, which we believe to be the secret to the product’s phenomenal success.

The effectiveness of LabTecta® has been verified in third-party tests by the ‘Ingress Protection Code’. LabTecta® has achieved a rating of IP66: proving its effectiveness in protecting your bearings from contamination failures.

Due to the success of the initial design, this product line has expanded to include many specialized design options. Below are just a few:

  • LabTecta®M (Flush Mount Electric Motor Design) range of products are intended for use as a bearing protection device on electric motors which require flush mounted bearing isolators due to limited outboard space.
  • LabTecta®T (Top entry) An advanced, but cost effective labyrinth seal which utilizes an integral shut-off valve and is specifically designed for top-entry applications.
  • LabTecta® IP66 is an IP66 certified bearing protector: a true non-contacting labyrinth design with a shut-off design that really works.
  • LabTecta®66AX Designed to use a unique sliding rotor that allows the seal to absorb axial movement internally.
  • LabTecta®IAP Designed for applications where it is necessary to retain product, gases or exhaust within an enclosure.
  • LabTecta®OAP Specifically designed for use in extreme environments and applications where contamination may completely cover the seal /equipment.
  • LabTecta®RDS The only radially divided bearing protector available with rotor / stator static sealing technology as standard.
  • LabTecta®SS is available in full stainless steel construction, giving even greater flexibility in more chemically demanding environments.
  • LabTecta®ST Process steam turbines present a unique challenge for bearing protection. Standard OEM labyrinth seals have proven to be ineffective preventing steam ingress.


MagTecta is a magnetically energized bearing protector, installed in tens of thousands of applications world-wide. Designed to fit where traditional lip-seals fit, the MagTecta™ range features two sets of seal faces, offering double the protection of a conventional design. There is also a design for oil mist applications that prevents oil mist pollution.


Magtecta S With both magnetically energized contacting faces and engineered labyrinth seal technology, the MagTecta-S™ protects your equipment from both external contamination and loss of lubrication.