Power Generation

Power Generation

Seals and associated equipment and systems are widely used across power plants in applications such as fuel oil movements and for auxiliary purposes such as cooling and lubrication.

To compete with the latest renewable technologies traditional power plants need to improve efficiency, make cost savings and achieve performance improvements within their fluid handling systems.  Therefore, the seals utilised should be regularly reviewed, maintained, optimised and evaluated, particularly because their numbers mean they have a significant influence on the operation and costs of running a plant.

AVT Sealing Solutions, supported by our parent company, AESSEAL®, is probably the only seal provider who can address all the seal issues in this market.  From dry gas compressor seals to Plan 23 seals on boiler feedwater or condensate equipment.
In addition, we can provide bearing protection seals for conveyor belt and coal pulverizer gearboxes plus provide innovative solutions for flue-gas desulpherization applications.

Condition monitoring is widely used in the power generation industry.  Often the main assets are monitored utilising online systems feeding analytical data, alarms directly into plant control rooms.

The AVT Machine Sentry® System offers the power industry a unique approach whereby the online system can integrate with Machine Sentry Fixed, and Machine Sentry Mobile offering the user a complete integrated reliability monitoring capability and, if required, direct reporting into ERP systems such as SAP.

An example feature and benefit is deployment on auxiliary assets on a power facility that are not directly reporting/integrated into the plant control rooms.

To discuss your seal requirements in the power generation industry, or for further information on Machine Sentry®, please do not hesitate to contact us.