Numerous challenges exist in regard to optimising assets and hence seals and seal technology within the pharmaceutical industry over and above the compliance and legislative mandatory controls.  In particular, there is an important need for a high level of hygiene, in some cases absolute, and the ability to handle very fragile media, such as living cells.

Often assets are running at high speed, exposed to challenging cleaning products and regimes, water, heat and contamination control, the latter being a key driver within maintenance management programs.

Whilst there are many different applications within the pharmaceutical sector for seals, we know that there are also some key specific requirements, including particular standards, such as 3-A and EHEDGE that have to be complied with.

When choosing sealing solutions for pharmaceutical applications, a degree of specialist knowledge is required.  We are pleased to say that, here at AVT Sealing Solutions, we have a substantial amount of expertise and experience in this sector.

The Pharmaceutical industry is a long time user of the Machine Sentry® System, utilising the CMMS system capability (Watch Keeping) and visual inspection as part of the management requirement to ensure compliance and good health and safety standards plus maintenance techniques such as vibration, oil and thermal analysis of critical assets across a plant.

To discuss your seal requirements in the pharmaceutical industry or for information on Machine Sentry®, please do not hesitate to contact us.