Oil & Gas

The extreme demands placed on pumps within the Oil and Gas industry require high standards of reliability, operational best practice and leading-edge technical expertise.  These strict requirements make AVT Sealing Solutions your perfect seal partner in this sector.  Our competitive and continuing advantage in the oil and gas industry comes from offering innovative solutions with measurable results.

Whether offshore or onshore, on an oil rig or a petrochemical plant, seals are an important component of equipment, geared to keeping precious liquids and revenues flowing.  In addition, there are many regulations and pieces of legislation, some of them global and others national, that need to be adhered to, not least the API 610 and API 685 standards.

At AVT Sealing Solutions, we have a comprehensive knowledge of rotating equipment that allows us to supply the most appropriate seal for your purposes and then ensure that it performs.

Many plants face increasing pressure to upgrade old equipment, typically API610 Edition 5 to Edition 7, to conform to increasingly tighter emission legislation.  This creates a considerable plant CapEx investment burden.  AVT Sealing Solutions can retrofit API682 qualification tested seal face technology to mature assets, allowing world-class seal emission levels without replacing or modifying old equipment.  We also have world-leading bi-directional pumping ring technology which delivers exceptional flow while fully conforming to the best-practice radial clearances stated in API682 Ed.3 Section

In addition to standard mechanical seal solutions, AVT SSI offers a range of innovative oil & gas seal support systems, from Plan 75: gas containment systems to Plan 53C: pressure tracking systems.  We also supply and install bearing protection certified to IP66 and API610 Section 5.1.25 plus we can refurbish any make of Dry Gas Seal to API617.

The Oil and Gas sector has been a pioneer investor into condition monitoring in many forms and the AVT Machine Sentry® System is at the forefront of leading proactive maintenance strategies.

Machine Sentry® has already been adopted by a number of major oil companies.  The system capability, web enabled instantaneous data analytics and low cost of implementation makes Machine Sentry® the solution of choice in this industry.  The component MSM-1 vibration sensor is available with ATEX or IECEx certification and is suitable for use in many Zone 1 and Zone 2 classified areas.


To discuss your seal requirements in the oil & gas industry, or for further information on Machine Sentry®, please do not hesitate to contact us.