Food & Beverage

Food Processing

Numerous challenges exist in regard to optimising assets within the food and beverage industry, over and above the compliance and legislative mandatory controls.   Often assets are running at high speed, exposed to challenging cleaning products and regimes and contamination control is a key driver within maintenance management programs.

The industry has very particular requirements and seals are required to facilitate the handling of viscous, delicate and temperature sensitive ingredients and products.  It is important that the seal is suitable for the liquid that needs to be pumped with an emphasis on maximising uptime and reducing costs for efficient production.

In addition to the foodstuffs and beverages themselves, liquids used in the manufacture, particularly for cooling and cleaning, can present particular challenges.  At AVT Sealing Solutions we not only offer seals specifically for foodstuffs but also those designed for use when moving liquids that are may be more caustic and aggressive.

The industry requires fundamental elements from a seal solution provider including materials conforming to the appropriate food and beverage safety standards, hygienically-designed products and maximized seal life with exceptional service and support.  Many seals utilised in food and beverage applications must be hygienically designed.  Our parent company, AESSEAL® seal and seal system designs conform to relevant standards.  These include seals to reduce the probability of micro-organism growth and cross-batch contamination.  We also offer seals that utilise FDA and WRAS certified materials as standard.

The food and beverage Industry is a long time user of the Machine Sentry® System.  Utilising the CMMS system capability (Watch Keeping) and visual inspection as part of the food grade lubricant management requirement to ensure compliance and good health and safety standards.  A natural extension of scope in many instances, Machine Sentry® has been expanded to include condition based maintenance techniques such as vibration, oil and thermal analysis of critical assets.

To discuss your seal requirements in the food & beverage industry, or for further information on Machine Sentry®, please do not hesitate to contact us.