Whilst we at AVT Sealing Solutions have experience with seals of all types, along with our supply partners, we also have extensive expertise.  This includes the provision and maintenance of seals in their many and various forms, and, through our association with our parent company, AESSEAL, we also have access to high technology seal support systems.

Because of the nature of liquids and fluids processes in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, many have traditionally been very difficult to seal.  Many are corrosive and often the seals are used in arduous applications.

Whilst some of these are fairly nefarious, many of them, by their nature, are hazardous and harmful, presenting risks to health and safety, or indeed are high value and so losses must be kept to a minimum.  We can offer innovative new sealing solutions to overcome these issues.

Our range includes not only a very comprehensive selection of standard seals it also incorporates seals with superior performance, incorporating innovations such as exotic alloy technology and non-metallic parts.  These products have the benefit of extensive testing and continual improvement, which will lead to benefits on your plant.

To discuss your seal requirements in the chemical industry please do not hesitate to contact us.