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You are invited to attend our series of informational webinars covering different aspects of sealing in the oil and gas industry. See below a brief synopsis on each.

All webinars are 30-45 minutes and will start at: 07.30 (Pacific), 09.30 (Central), 10.30 (Eastern) 


Tuesday 19th of May – Secondary Dry Containment Seals API Plans 72, 76 – Current Trends

Secondary dry containment seals we introduced in the early1990s. API Piping plan 72,75,76  were first published in 2002 and are discussed along with their advantages and limitations


Tuesday 26th of May – API Plan 53B – Impact of Changes in Ambient Temperature and Alarm Strategies

Plan 53B has been used since the 1980s, traditionally alarmed with either pressure switches or transmitters. In 2014 the American Petroleum Institute published a more complex alarm strategy considering the effect of ambient temperature change. This webinar discusses the benefits and limitations of both methods.


Tuesday 2nd of June – Rotating and Stationary Flexible Elements -Eliminating shaft sleeve fretting

Traditionally seals used in both the Chemical and Hydrocarbon Industries have been dominated by rotating seal designs, however recent API publications and market trends have seen stationary seals become more widely used, this webinar will discuss some of the reasons why.


Tuesday 9th of June – The Challenges of Sealing Mixers and Chemical Reactors

Sealing of mixers and chemical reactors present some unique challenges The presentation discusses some of the technologies used and best practices.


Tuesday 16th of June – General Purpose Steam Turbine – Improvements and Energy Saving

General purpose steam turbine drivers are widely used in refinery and large chemical facilities. The sealing technology used on many machines is a century old. Significant improvements to safety, reliability and efficiency are being enjoyed by best in class users by the use of modern technology upgrades, find out how.


Tuesday 23rd of June – Energy Saving – Mechanical Seals and Piping Plans

Piping plans are widely used to improve seal reliability, however many of these plans have an impact on plant operational efficiency. Options for improvements are discussed.


Tuesday 23rd of June – Dry Gas Seal Repair

Dry Gas Seals found on rotary compression machinery are typically repaired on a structured repair cycle. Most users return the seals to the Original Equipment Manufacturer’s for repair. With many users under increasing financial constraint, 3rd party repairs by reputable seal vendors is becoming an increasingly viable option.


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