Bridging the Component vs Cartridge Gap

One of the major limitations with component seals historically was that they could be difficult and time consuming to install. Another consideration was that, if conditions on site were not ideal or there was added time pressure to get equipment up and running, these factors may have resulted in further issues with the seal’s performance.

We have adapted cartridge seal technology into our component seals to include features that overcome limitations in competitor products.  Examples include; improved seal face cooling through directed barrier fluid flow systems, hydraulically balanced seal face technology and ‘plug in’ designs to improve performance and reliability.

The ‘plug-in’ design fills a gap between component seals and cartridge seals as they don’t require setting and so have a reduced fitting time and ensure correct installation. This is a major step forward in terms of component seals and brings them closer to that of a cartridge seal, while retaining all the benefits associated with component seals.

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