Axially Restrained Drive Ring Aids Seal Installation

In our P0-U range we have developed an Axially Restrained Drive Ring, which is another way of aiding seal fitment as it stops the drive ring from becoming detached from the retainer on installation. In addition, a full convoluted diaphragm allows for more axial movement of the rotary face than the half-convolution bellows.

These developments enable the seal rotary to track the stationery much better in the event of misalignment of the two faces (due to seat incorrect positioning, shaft misalignment etc). The full convolution bellows can also compensate for more wear of the rotary face and handle higher pressures than the half-convolution bellows.

A common failure mode in seals of this type is the drive mechanism between two relatively thin metallic members. To overcome this problem, we have spread the drive force over a large surface area. The resulting patented design incorporates over 250% additional drive area compared to some seals found in the market place. This reduces the possibility of seal face hang-up and/or premature seal failure.

A further design improvement to the ‘plug in seals’ is Directed Barrier Fluid Flow, which again directly improves seal performance and life.   For further details, please just contact us to discuss.