Mechanical Seal Repair

More than 40 years experience repairing ALL Major Brands

AVT Sealing Solutions Inc. offers a world-class, best practice seal repair facility in the center of the tri-state area.

Our repair procedure dictates:

  • Seals are disassembled and cleaned with our exclusive process
  • Our experienced seal technicians assess the condition of every component of each seal
  • Seal faces are rough lapped, finish lapped or polished as required to return face finish to original condition
  • Assembly of the seals is performed in a separate clean room to ensure a perfect result
  • Pressure testing is performed with purified air. This test is very sensitive and leaves no residue
  • Test conditions are rigidly controlled and our shop is audited regularly per ISO 9001
  • Final inspection following a customer-specific checklist ensures our customers get exactly the labeling and documentation they need
  • Seals are packaged with our shock-proof system to guarantee our customers get a perfect seal, every time!

We also offer failure mode analysis and reporting, custom solutions thanks to our in-house engineering group and emergency seal repair.

We repair all types of seals: Component, Single Spring, Wave Spring, PTFE Wedge (Type 9), Mixer seals, Reactor, Agitator, Reactor, Cartridge, Single, Double, Canister, Metal Bellows, Dry Contacting, Pump, Multiple Lip, Slurry Seals. Chesterton, John Crane, Flowserve, AESSEAL, Burgmann, Garlock, Utex,

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